Fabrics make the difference

Having the right fabric for your active wear makes such a difference, there is a reason the big teams and best athletes etc. are top of their game… they mix in all the best elements to be the best. The fabric they choose to use is a big part of this, no overheating, but keeping muscles warm, being able to move effectively, not too sweaty etc. etc. these are elements that help, not hinder activities.

It might sound a little extreme to think that this is needed in your activities undertaken, but its really not, any help to get maximum returns in the most effective way is something we should all be wanting and getting!

When wearing active garments the primary aim is for functionality, this is because the design and material should be using lightweight, quick-drying, airy and figure-hugging material that promotes comfort and movement. Since this type of garment is the most popular type of clothing worn to the gym its important to note that Activewear comprises fabrics with softer profiles, such as Nylon, Spandex, Lycra and other synthetic materials.

These are elements used within our own C&S Active garments to help you achieve the best from your activities. Our products ensure we are using distinguishable and unique performance fabrics to remove trapped sweat and heat excess while maintaining function for warm ups, cool downs, and for more moderate training.

Our products are comfortable and stylish and complements our customers busy lifestyles. All our product use high-quality, athletic fabrics to create breathable and airy items such as shirts to seamless stretch trousers that are highly functional too.

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