Activewear vs athleisure

If you’re interested in fitness, you’ve probably heard the terms “activewear” and “athleisure.” They’re two different types of sportswear that have become popular in today’s fashion industry. This guide will help you understand what makes them different from each other, so you can choose the right one for your lifestyle.

The boundary between activewear and athleisure is beginning to blur. Apparel like leggings, sweatshirts, hoodies, trainers and sports bras have become staple parts of everyday wardrobes for both training and non-training areas.

Activewear is comfortable clothing that you wear during exercise, while athleisure is a fashion trend that combines sportswear with everyday clothing. Activewear includes tracksuits, athletic tops, leggings and sports bras, while athleisure can include anything from sneakers to hoodies to track pants.

Both types of clothing are popular right now because they’re comfortable and flattering. Both can be very fashion-forward for streetwear, the look is typically worn as everyday clothing, while activewear is worn more for sports and working out.

Activewear is casual and comfortable clothing that is specifically designed for physical activity such as exercise and sports. Whereas Athleisure is a type of sportswear that combines function and fashion and can be worn daily in non-sport settings. It has elements of activewear, trendy streetwear and is designed for daytime activities even if you don’t work out.

Activewear: leggings, basic shorts, bralettes, t shirts, aerobic wear and running trainers.

Athleisure: joggers, casual tops, stylised shorts, stretch chinos, hoodies, tracksuits and dress sneakers.

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