Keynote Speaker

Experience, mindset, and her triumphant journey make for
an inspiring speaker session

A speaker for Scoliosis Awareness Celine is keen to devote her time and energy into inspiring, encouraging and elevating other women to overcome all sorts of challenges, helping to push them forward, towards their dreams.

Celine’s medical diagnosis has never stopped her looking to conquer the challenges she has faced even through the complication of being diagnosed with scoliosis. Win, lose or draw, she has a strong spirit and continues to compete in competitions successfully. She is able to draw upon her experience, her strong mindset, and the journey she continues to travel on, by sharing this with others through her talks.

The hope is that Celine’s story can inspire others, not just those who suffer from scoliosis, but those faced with any sort of life challenge or obstacle.

Celine has been featured on CNN Arabia, raising awareness and regularly gives keynote speeches, or wellness talks, she also appears on podcasts.

Celine Khoury

Honest, inspiring & Engaging