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Young Entrepreneur

Being a young entrepreneur is an exciting and challenging experience

Ambition & Passion
“As a young entrepreneur, I am driven by ambition and fuelled by passion, my sister and I had a desire to create something meaningful and make a positive impact on the world through our active clothing range.
Sophia Khoury

Being a young entrepreneur is an exciting and challenging experience. Both sisters from the age of 14 have been intrepid co-founders of their active wear brand.

Sophia enjoys taking the lead in business affairs, she has been noted for many entrepreneurial awards and has given talks on what it has been like to be a teenage business owner, developing a start-up from scratch, and characterizes the journey well.

Adaptability and Learning

As a young entrepreneur, Sophia is constantly adapting and learning. With such a steep learning curve she has learnt to face obstacles and setbacks. She approaches them with resilience and a willingness to learn from her mistakes. Sophia is able to embrace change and seek opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Independence and Responsibility

Stepping up, taking charge and being responsible for your own success is important. It is down to Sophia and Celine; they have the freedom to make decisions and take risks. With this independence comes the accountability to manage their time, resources, and finances effectively.

Networking and Collaboration

Sophia recognises that surrounding herself with like-minded individuals is beneficial for the growth of the company. Sophia shares “I am happy that I have such wonderful role models in my mum and dad who support the business with insights and experience, and inspire me to go deep into being the best entrepreneur I can be”.

Continuous Innovation

Sophia is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to meet the customer’s needs. She has a growth mindset and understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve and adapting to evolving market trends.

Resilience and Determination

One of the most important qualities Celine and Sophia, as young entrepreneurs, have learnt is resilience. There are setbacks that are part of the entrepreneurial journey, but they refuse to give up.

Overall, Sophia loves being a young entrepreneur, her journey is filled with learning, growth, and exciting opportunities. It requires a combination of ambition, adaptability, responsibility, innovation and resilience. She, along with her sister embrace the challenges along the way and enjoy the rewarding experience of bringing their active wear ideas to life!

Young Entreprenuer

sophia Khoury