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Meet Celine & Sophia

The Dynamic Founders of C&S Active

Our History
We believe that comfortable fashion can help women feel capable and confident. Our brand strives to inspire like-minded females who share a common belief: that there is much to achieve, and it can be done!
Celine & Sophia

That’s why we create modern and smooth sports designs that

suit practical looks for daily active routines.

Twin sisters Celine and Sophia Khoury founded their own Ladies Activewear Brand in 2020, to meet the needs of women who want to stay in shape and feel comfortable in the clothes that they wear as they go about their day, undertaking an active lifestyle.

These entrepreneurs were only 14 years old when they started their own company!

Hailing from Dubai, they are keen to support the emergence of authentic creativity from the Middle East Region with this proudly home-grown label.

These young, ambitious founders embody hope, vitality, and many dreams.

This is an active brand with a big difference. Celine and Sophia have the mindset needed to bring this unique brand and its collections to life. Sophia is the inspiring entrepreneurial driving force behind the business, whilst Celine is a trained athlete and has competed at a high level at  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She has also been diagnosed with Scoliosis. Now truly a “Scoliosis Warrior”, Celine gives keynote sessions on the topic, as she advocates for awareness of the condition that is often ignored and left untreated, and encourages those people to pursue their dreams, despite encountering challenges.

Celine and Sophia, driven by their love of an active lifestyle, set out to create activewear that seamlessly merges fashion and function. Their label is a female-first brand that’s very authentic in its story and inspires confidence in women of all ages as they achieve their goals.

They create a real sisterhood dedicated to promoting positive energy and uplifting women to help foster an active community.